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1) What is a Keratin Hair Treatment ?

This revolutionary smoothing and straightening treatment infuses keratin deep into hair cuticles, effectively eliminating up to 95% of frizz and curl, leaving hair smooth, shiny, and luxurious. Keratin has quickly become one of the most popular treatments done at high end salons around the world.

Tired of unmanageable out of control hair? Imagine having consistently straight hair without the hassle of daily damaging routines? PURE  KERATIN TREATMENT can give you A-List quality hair without the price or long hours in the salon.

2) Does keratin hair treatment straighten hair ?

This revolutionary at home therapy eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl while simultaneously conditioning hair making it much more manageable and easier to style. A keratin hair treatment is perfect for all hair types even including color treated and chemically processed hair.

Frizzy unruly hair can take hours to blow dry. Most women spend small fortunes on hair products like frizz reducers and smoothers, but these quick fixes don’t resolve the problem for long.

PURE KERATIN is the SOLUTION to your hair needs. Keratin hair treatment and styling products are specially formulated with natural keratin protein, which has been proven to rebuild, restore, and even rejuvenate hair, leaving it shiny and silky smooth.

Finally put an end to bad hair days. Imagining having straight easy to manage hair for up to 12 weeks!

3) Can I do keratin treatment at home ?

Yes ! PURE KERATIN TREAMENT is the first safe at home alternative to expensive salon treatments providing the same amazing results of healthier, longer, softer, shinier hair. In fact PURE KERATIN is even  without Formaldehyde and other harmful chemical ingredients used in most salon treatments. Just one application can last up to 90 days.

4) Is keratin hair treatment good for your hair ?

Keratin formulas bathe the hair with keratin proteins and keratin peptides forming bonds hair inside and out of the hair. It also adds the keratin protein and nourishment that is naturally missing in your hair. Your result is smoother, stronger, softer more manageable hair.

The truth is this revolutionary process transforms hair in its entirety. You see Keratin is the primary protein making up the skin, hair and nails. This natural protein can return your hair to its original healthy, shiny, smooth state.

The results are astounding. Keratin hair straightening treatments can permanently improve your hair condition. Our clients rave that, “keratin treatment is a life-changing experience.” No more bad hair days with Keratin.

5) Does keratin hair treatment damage hair ?

Not at all ! The keratin protein can relax your hair without damaging it while at the same time enhance the shine and overall health of your hair. PURE KERATIN hair straightening treatment have been proven and it seems that this new technique allows you to have the hair of your dreams without the negative effects of other leading straightening treatments.

6) How to sleep after hair smoothing treatment ?

Like a baby ! Keratin treatments make hair more manageable.

The Keratinous bonds formed by the treatment promote healing, blocks humidity, creating beautiful straight hair. Because the keratin protein penetrates the hair shaft inside and out it makes your hair shinier and healthier. This means no more bad hair days just fabulous sleek straight hair on a daily basis, as the PURE KERATIN hair treatment is a long lasting treatment.

7) Is keratin hair treatment good for thin hair ?

One of the most popular benefits of PURE KERATIN hair straightening is that it can be applied on any hair type, natural, colored or permed and your hair will only look fabulous. Not only is this treatment beneficial for all hair types it is actually recommended specifically for damaged hair. The natural keratin found in the hair becomes damaged through hair styling and chemical hair treatments. Damaged hair loses its shine, elasticity, and beauty. A keratin treatment can restore your hairs vitality and shine. Months and even years of damaged hair can be recovered in a matter of days. That’s how powerful this treatment is, a keratin treatment can repair damaged hair at its very core.

8) How long does keratin treatment last ?

Lasts Up To 12 Weeks! Imagine 3 full months of beautiful easy to style straight hair.

9) Where to buy keratin straightening treatment ?

Easy. Go to and choose the best keratin treatment for you.

One of the biggest benefits of this treatment is how much time it will save you.

You’ll have a beautiful hair, easy to manage and hassle free.

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