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Product Description

Introducing the Elegance of Hair Care: PURC 24K Gold Nourishing Hair Care Oil

Unlock the secrets to luscious locks with our 24K Gold Nourishing Hair Care Oil, a masterpiece crafted for the discerning individuals who crave the epitome of hair indulgence.

Key Features: Deep Nourishment: Immerse your hair and scalp in a lavish blend of pure argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E, and other natural treasures. This infusion deeply nourishes, untangles knots, and restores your hair's elasticity, leaving it voluminous, soft, and incredibly smooth.

Multi-Effect Repair: Enriched with 24K gold and plant-derived natural fatty acids, our formula goes beyond ordinary care. It not only enhances hair shine but acts as a shield against minor damage from heat styling tools and frequent blow-drying. Revel in the transformation of your hair, radiating health and gloss.

Smooth and Non-Greasy: Experience the luxury of smoothness without the unwanted heaviness. Our formula effortlessly glides onto your hair, leaving it velvety and easy to comb, while the golden touch adds a touch of opulence to your daily routine.

Versatile Application Scenarios:

  • Daily Care: Tame dryness instantly by applying an appropriate amount of our hair essence oil, leaving your hair nourished and frizz-free.
  • During Shampooing: Mix with your shampoo for a delightful washing experience that reduces tangling and promotes a healthy cleanse.
  • Post Blow-Drying Care: After blow-drying, indulge your hair with the essence oil for soft, smooth strands that radiate a brilliant shine.
  • Post Coloring or Perming Care: Revitalize and repair damaged hair with a massage of our essence oil, swiftly banishing dryness and frizz.

The PURC Promise:

  1. Dedicated Brand: PURC is your dedicated companion in scalp and hair care, committed to delivering exceptional products.
  2. 24K Nano Gold: Elevate your hair care routine with a brand-new experience that nurtures your hair to be as soft, smooth, and voluminous as silk.
  3. Long-Lasting Elegance: With one application, enjoy 72 hours of sustained softness and smoothness. It's like having a salon treatment in the comfort of your home, with each treatment equivalent to approximately 12 salon sessions.
  4. Instant 'Polish': Experience the instant transformation of your hair as our formula effortlessly 'polishes' each strand.
  5. Grease-Free Absorption: Revel in true absorption without the heaviness of grease, embracing the purity and effectiveness of our carefully crafted formula.

Elevate your hair care ritual with PURC 24K Gold Nourishing Hair Care Oil — where indulgence meets transformation. Embark on a journey of hair revival with our specially crafted hair oil, designed for both emergency rescue and nourishment. Elevate your hair care routine with four major advantages that redefine the essence of luxurious hair:

Advantage 1: Ultimate Emergency Relief and Nourishment

An excellent choice for restoring 'silk-like hair'.

Emergency Care: In those frantic moments when time is of the essence, and your hair rebels, our hair essence oil steps in as your quick rescue remedy. A mere touch is all it takes to transform messy flyaways into soft, smooth strands, allowing you to effortlessly conquer your day.

Nourishing Care: Enriched with 24K Nano Gold and a blend of five plant-based hair oils, our formula dives deep to nourish your hair. Say goodbye to dry, rough, and frizzy locks, and welcome the rebirth of soft, refined, smooth, and brilliantly shiny strands.

Advantage 2: True Absorption, Zero Greasiness

Experience smoothness without the oily residue.

Regular Oil: Typical oils merely linger on the surface, lacking true nourishment.

[PURC] 24K Gold Nourishing Hair Essence Oil: Our revolutionary formula penetrates the hair, delivering nutrients and restoring vitality without leaving any greasy trace. Revel in hair that feels dry, non-greasy, and perfectly revitalized.

Advantage 3: Instant 'Polishing' Power

A single touch reduces the dry and rough sensation by 98%.

Immediately transform: Dry and rough hair becomes a relic of the past as our essence oil imparts an instant touch of magic. Experience the allure of smooth, silky, and radiant strands with every application.

Data sourced from laboratory experiment results; individual effects may vary.

Advantage 4: Long-lasting Softness and Smoothness

A must-have tool for transforming 'straw-like hair' into 'silk-like hair'.

24K Nano Gold Hair Care: One application equals approximately 12 salon treatments, ensuring 72 hours of continuous softness and smoothness. Embrace a hair care ritual that transcends time, leaving your hair irresistibly touchable and silk-like.

Data sourced from laboratory experiment results; individual effects may vary.

Advantage 5: Premium Custom Fragrance

Elevate your senses with a natural woody floral scent.

Top notes: Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange

Middle notes: Jasmine, Rose, Narcissus, Sage, Peach

Base notes: Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk, Frankincense, Benzoin, Styrax

Indulge in the nobility and elegance of our custom fragrance, a sublime experience that lingers gracefully around your strands, leaving an upscale aroma that captivates the senses.

Transform your hair care routine with PURC 24K Gold Nourishing Hair Essence Oil – where excellence meets indulgence, and every strand tells a tale of luxurious beauty.




  • 4
    Great product for quick smoothing

    Posted by Karen D. (Australia - Melbourne, Victoria) on 6th Mar 2024

    Great product for quick smoothing