KERATIN TREATMENT FORMULA 5% 33.8 fl oz (1000ml)

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PURE KERATIN TREATMENT 1000 ml (Formula 5%) is the best way for straightening Asian, European and natural blond hair.

PURE KERATIN treatment revitalises  and illuminates dry and dully hair by giving them its natural shine. This beauty elixir gives your hair body and softness for a silky result.

Keratin Treatment: How To Do Yourself?

Equipment required


STEP #1 Wash your hair twice with Purifying Shampoo to remove all cosmetic build-up.

STEP #2 Dry hair 100% with a blow dryer.

STEP #3 Divide your hair into four sections. Squeeze a small amount of the contents of PURE Keratin Treatment (2 to 3 fl oz) into your glove protected hand and apply to each section. Once the Keratin has been applied to all four sections, use a large-tooth comb (1/2" sections) to evenly distribute the product from root to tip.

STEP #4 Distribute the PURE Keratin treatment evenly and cover head with a plastic cap. For fine hair, leave in treatment for 20 minutes. For thicker/curly resistant hair, leave in for 30 minutes. While treatment is still in your hair, continue combing from root to tip every 10 minutes.

STEP #5 Blow dry hair 100%. Once hair is dry, take half-inch sections of hair and flat iron each section 7-10 times. For fine hair, use the flat iron at 300-400 °F. For thicker hair, the temperature should be at 400-450 °F. Style as desired.

STEP #6 After 72 hours wash and moisturize your hair with PURE Keratin daily Shampoo and PURE Keratin daily conditioner regularly to maintain your hair hydrated and extend the results of your Keratin treatment. Weekly - Use PURE Masks once a week to maintain your hair’s natural luster. The mask will ensure your hair retains the precise moisture it needs to keep from frizzing.

PRECAUTIONS FOR USE: Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly. After Pure Keratin treatment, the daily shampoo should not contain any sodium chloride.


13 Reviews

  • 5
    Really makes your hair slide through the blow dry brush and feel like silk!

    Posted by Cassandra R. (España - Barcelona) on 7th Apr 2020

    I tried this at my salon after commenting to my stylist that some products make my hair tacky and makes it difficult to get the brush through when blow drying. I asked for a recommendation for a product that would allow my hair to pass through the brush with as little resistance as possible to cut down on the time of heat exposure, and thus damage to the hair shaft. He recommended that I try this product. He said that it has the most "slide" properties of anything out there. Indeed he was correct. Blow drying was a breeze and my hair feels like silk. I love it!

  • 5
    Great Stuff

    Posted by Susan J. G. (UK - London) on 7th Apr 2020

    I have been using this product for many years.....back when I had long hair and had it professionally straightened with Keratin. My hair is much shorter now and still curly. The Keratin Therapy will straighten your hair and it will make it much smoother.

  • 5
    my hair was extremely soft when I Rinsed out the product I couldn’t believe it

    Posted by Dorys M. (USA - Washignton D.C.) on 6th Apr 2020

    I had just come from a cruise I had a keratin treatment and was told when I washed my hair to use a keratin mask treatment so when I came across this one key words keratin, hydrating, silk I was interested alone with reading reviews. In case anyone was wondering my hair was flat iron straight but I have naturally curly hair and I wanted to see if the keratin would help strengthen my hair this time I experience a lot less hair loss . I did put my hair up In a towel as per the Direction but left it in my hair for one hour do o me falling asleep, my hair was extremely soft when I Rinsed out the product I couldn’t believe it.
    It took me less time to style my hair my hair is still soft to the touch.

  • 5
    Ahorro tiempo y dinero

    Posted by Carolina J. (USA - Puerto Rico) on 25th Jan 2020

    ¡Me encanta lo que el tratamiento ha hecho por mi pelo! Ahora, sólo tengo que dejarlo secar y listo. No es necesario utilizar una plancha para que mi cabello se vea suave, sin frizz. Un gran ahorro de tiempo.

  • 5
    Great results, I recommend

    Posted by Chris G. (Canada) on 13th Jan 2020

    Great results, I recommend this Keratin brand

  • 5
    Back to life!

    Posted by Chantal P. (Norway) on 9th Jan 2020

    This is the first product that actually shows results for my damaged hair. Too much color, blow drying, and over washing has destroyed my hair, Pure Keratin treatment is bringing life back to my hair!

  • 5
    Profesional Keratin treats

    Posted by Jane K. (Canada) on 7th Jan 2020

    Profesional Keratin treats without the mess and with the results, I recommend it.

  • 5

    Posted by Victoria M. K. (Switzerland) on 7th Jan 2020

    Wow! It rocks

  • 5
    Great Keratin Treatment!

    Posted by Helen P. (USA) on 21st Aug 2019

    Great Keratin Treatment! Love the results! Will get back for sure in 3/4 months...