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Dark Hair With Highlights

It’s a rather common trend to see lots of women with dark hair with highlights.

Celebrities do this and models in fashion magazines go for this trendy look.

Some women are tempted to do it, but they always worry about the possibility of a less than perfect hair makeover.

Other women may simply take the risk and go for it.

It’s a hot trend, but everyone has to do what they are comfortable with. No one can sell a person on it. It has to be a decision that a woman can live with regardless of how it turns out.

Celebrity Highlights

Beyonce has been a long time fan of dark brown hair with highlights. This is something that has given her an edgier look. This has also worked well for Black Eyed Peas female vocal lead Fergie.

Both women have embraced the look and inspired trends that have been seen in celebrity magazines.

Coincidentally, both of these females have long hair. There are other celebrities like Lisa Rinna and Mandy Moore that have also attempted to pull off the dark brown hair with highlights look.

Celebrities seem to have that magic touch for pulling off trendy hair styles.

This trend has definitely made many women stay up and take notice. Beauty salons have women coming in with magazines in hand and they are pointing to pictures of different styles and many of them include dark hair with highlights.

The Styling Chair

Salons have become overwhelmed with the number of people that are looking for hairstyle changes. Some people want to hop on every new trend that becomes popular. The average female seeking a hairstyle change will never really consider how something will look on them.

This is why the hair stylist is important. They can really give females advice on what they should (or shouldn’t) do. They can lead their customers in the best direction for the highlight colors and shades and they can inform clients about how long the highlights will last and how to maintain the hairstyle.

Forever Young

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that many of the highlighted looks are popular for people that want to look younger. There’s no better way to get rid of that gray hair than with highlights.

Many young people are highlighting their hair because it is trendy. Older women are highlighting their hair because younger women are doing it.

In many ways this makes older females feel like they are reconnecting with a younger version of themselves.

It can be a healthy self-esteem booster when it is done right.

Some people with dark hair with highlights will indeed look younger.

Other people may think this is a tad bit too extreme even if it takes years off their projected age.

How To Highlight Dark Hair At Home

The hair salon is perfect for those that want the professional touch.

Sometimes it takes a person that really knows what they are doing. Women that want dark brown hair with highlights may seek professional help. It may be hard to discover the right blend without a trained eye.

Women that cannot afford the professional stylist may have to do a little experimenting. Females that try this on their own should definitely read up on it.

Dark hair with highlights can be great when it is styled correctly but it can also be a nightmare if it is not.

Anyone that is attempting this should know what products exist on the market.

There are highlighting kits specifically designed for dark hair with highlights.

Women that are doing it themselves should make sure they have the right products in order to insure the desired results.

Hair Lengths and Applicants

Most highlighting kits will show the expected results of applying the box’s content on different hair shades.

All highlighting kits provide guidelines for application. The basic process is to divide your hair into layered sections from the crown to the nape, securing each section with a clip.

Then you will apply the highlights from nape to crown.

Here is where your imagination can come out. Brush on highlights with a mild stroke for a deeper glow and as you move up the scalp to the sides and top of the face area you can add thicker strokes for lighter tones.

Highlights can be varied between thick and thin lines or from straight to curvy lines, all depending on your preference.

When developing your creation of highlights for dark brown hair or highlights for brown hair, think about your finished picture and what strokes you will need to get that look. You are the artist, your hair is your canvas and your highlights are your pallet.

If you have a short, feathered back hairdo, you can add more highlights to the under layers that can be shown off when the hair is layered back.

For longer hair, add highlights to the lowest under layers that will blend in with the other highlights and be seen when your hair is worn in an up-do.

If your hair style is layered forward and frames your face, add a few extra lines across the top layer for shine and movement.

Both highlights for dark brown hair and highlights for brown hair are fashion accessories to brighten your face, your makeup and your clothing. There is no end to the possible variations. You are in charge of your adventure; take command of the outcome.

Highlights for Brown Hair

You look in the mirror and see a very interesting face with expressive eyes. But you know that with just a little technique your hair can move from its plain solid brown tone up to the shiny, lively highlighted tones you see on so many people.

Perking up your hair could not be easier today. Going from matte to marvelous is as convenient as one box of highlighting color, an hour of time, and costing under $20.

Depending on how fast your hair grows, your crowning beauty can last from six to twelve weeks. With all the choices in coloring available if you are considering highlights for dark brown hair or highlights for brown hair; you might want to consider a few selection options before buying.

Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Are you thinking of adding more flair to your dark brown hair? Adding highlights for dark brown hair may just be the right step to take.

Dark brown hair looks great with golden, honey, ginger or red highlights.

Multi-layered highlights for dark brown hair work very well with varying depths of one highlight color or several different color shades blended throughout your hair for an overall mocha or caramel halo.

One dramatic effect would be to very lightly highlight the top of your hair and then to heavily highlight the tips, or ends of your hair. This has the greatest effect when your hairdo is short and fully frames your face.

Another eye-catching effect that is alluring and modern is to highlight your dark brown hair with silver or white.

Blondes aren’t the only ones who can actually play with the tone of their hair. In fact, brunettes can have as much as fun when it comes to adding hair highlights for dark brown hair. It’s just a matter of determining how you can achieve such lovely shades for your dark brown hair.

Plain brown hair has the advantage of being just the right color between the extremes of blond, red and black hair that can successfully take on textured tones from all hair shades. Highlights for brown hair can be pale as blond, spicy as ginger red, striking as chestnut and dynamic as ebony. In sunlight or indoor light, your hair will shine and project a movement of its own.

Actually, there are two ways for you to add highlights for dark brown hair.

One, you can go to your nearest hair salon and have them done there. Of course, you need to pay a hefty sum but it may be worth the price when you see the results.

Two, you can do the hair highlights for dark brown hair on your own. This may prove to be challenging especially when it is more of a trial and error basis but if you are not yet willing to part with your money, you can do the highlights on your own.

Tips for Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

If you are going to add highlights for dark brown hair on your own, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

Brunettes can add sexiness to their hair style but they need to keep in mind that there are certain do’s and don’ts that need to be followed.

To give you an idea, here are some examples that you might want to consider.

1) – Gold

First, not all brunettes are the same. It is best that you determine the natural color of your hair and also the choice of hair tone you would like to add.

If you are contending with solid dark brown hair, the best highlights for dark brown hair is gold. This adds more life to your hair while still retaining enough of your original hair color to frame your face.

2) – Age

Second, when it comes to choosing highlights for dark brown hair, you should take your age into consideration.

There are highlights that are applicable for younger women and others for older women. Find out which hair colors are ideal for your age. For example, younger brunettes may enjoy adding bright blond color to their hair to further emphasize their hair. For women in their forties and above, darker red is quite appropriate.

3)– Look

Third, think about what look you are trying to achieve. Are you going to opt for the stripes or wide highlights? Or will you be sticking with the thinner look which looks more natural to your hair?

4) - Tones

Fourth, when it comes to highlights for dark brown hair, don’t go three tones lighter than your natural hair color.

Choosing hair color for your highlights that belong to the same family as your hair color is ideal to make your look more beautiful rather than disastrous.


With these tips in mind, you will be able to achieve a different look with your dark brown hair.

Take the time to find out more on what highlights for dark brown hair are applicable for you and do look for a professional to help you out if you want to achieve that stunning look.