KERATIN TREATMENT on 25th Mar 2021

Everyone knows that women are always dissatisfied with their appearance.

So they are arranged to look for all the shortcomings in themselves and invent imaginary problems. Owners of luxurious curly and wavy hair will give everything in the world for straight hair, and vice versa.

It is good that in our technologically advanced age, with the help of keratin straightening, every girl has the opportunity to fulfill her old dream and become what she sees herself in her mind.

Today there are many procedures that straighten hair, but only one of them is effective - keratin hair restoration.

This procedure came to us from Brazil, therefore it is very often called Brazilian straightening. With the help of keratinization, you can get perfectly straight hair that will differ in appearance and excellent flexibility and a predisposition to styling and creating fanciful hairstyles.

Unlike most similar procedures, keratinization does not destroy or disrupt the hair structure, allowing it to remain in its original form after the keratin action ends. In addition, keratin has a unique quality that makes your hair healthy.


All women are different. For example, someone dreams of curls, while someone dreams of perfectly smooth hair. To achieve the latter, they came up with such a necessary procedure for many women as keratin straightening.

What is so good about this salon method? Experts say that this way of caring for your hair does not affect the hair structure in any way, as it usually happens with other methods by which hair is straightened.

On the contrary, after this procedure, the hair acquires a healthier shine. This is because they are very saturated with the keratin they need. It turns out an amazing effect - they not only get healthier, but also acquire a wonderful appearance. In addition, they become straight, and this is a good bonus for those who are attracted by this type of hairstyle. Among other things, if you are just planning to do keratin hair restoration, the price of such a service will pleasantly surprise you.

Poor environmental conditions, poor quality products, bad habits - all of the above are the main factors that your hair loses its natural keratin. Among other things, not only they lose it, but also the nails. After that, their appearance of hair becomes very dull.

With this treatment, keratin molecules appear in the very depths of the hair shaft. At the same time, they give him what has long been lost by his hair.

In addition, these molecules protect the hair from bad effects. Hair changes very well and gains amazing shine, strength, and elasticity. Filling with keratin occurs, while the hair shafts become slightly less porous, and at the same time their fluffiness disappears.

Such restoration begins with the fact that you need to work with your hair to remove all excess sebum and dust. You do this with a special shampoo. After that, trying not to touch the roots, you must apply a composition with keratin components to the entire surface of your hair. In this case, the hair should be completely dried with just such a composition using a soft brush and a regular hair dryer. And the final stage of this procedure is the use of special tools - irons, in order to straighten the hair. All this does not take too long. The procedure takes about three hours.


Typically the PURE KERATIN blends used to do this straightening and repairing can smooth almost 100% of the curls. And the effect of such a procedure will hold for about one season, that is, three months. So, having done, for example, a keratin recovery in early June, you can go with a gorgeous head of hair throughout the summer.

Among other things, this procedure is used in order to give your hair a shine that will look absolutely natural. In addition, this method will restore the entire structure of the hair shaft, which was previously damaged.

Virtually all of the formulations used to make such a service are no different. Usually, all the components are almost the same in them. And the most important of them is keratin. If you are just planning to do keratin straightening, the price will pleasantly surprise you:  COMPLETE SET FOR KERATIN TREATMENT - PURIFYING SHAMPOO + KERATIN 5% + DAILY SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER 4 x 3.3 fl oz (4 x 100 ml)

Such funds have in their composition not a very large number of aldehyde compounds, which are necessary in order to create chemical bonds with keratin groups. The structure of the hair shaft is straightened due to the fact that disulfide bonds do not break, but are subjected to stretching and relaxation. Such hair after the treatment is less confused, and begins to comb very easily. And those who suffered from static electricity can be forgotten for a very long time. Moreover, the price for keratin hair straightening is not too high.

After you have done this procedure, you can visit the pool after three days, as well as swim in the sea. And if you want to experiment and make curls, then you don't have to worry that they will stay with you forever. They will disappear immediately after you wash your hair. The hair will be as smooth as it was before the procedure.

Among other things, this procedure gives the hair a wonderful volume, and that is why it can be done together with the coloring of the hair.

Do not forget that this method slightly lightens the shade of the hair, by about one or two tones. This must be taken into account when coloring them. Among other things, if you want to straighten hair with keratin, the cost can be calculated based on the structure and their length.

Taking care of your head after such a straightening is not very difficult. Just wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. This must be done so that natural and artificial keratin is not washed out.