KERATIN TREATMENT on 28th Jul 2022

Hair breakage is a nuisance to quite a number of people. If you are experiencing the same, you are not alone.

Causes of hair breakage vary from an individual to another. While you might use a given method to curb breakage of hair successfully, the method might not be appropriate to another person.

What are the causes of hair breakage?

On average, a normal person loses around 50-200 hairs on a daily basis. Although this might seem like a lot to lose, its nothing since an average head has close to 100,000 hairs.

New hair strands also grow on a daily basis to replace all those that get lost. Hair breakage therefore means, you lose more than this daily averagely.

If you suspect you a losing too much or if you see some balding patches seek help. It is important not to buy some hair breakage products unless prescribed by a professional.

Hair breakage and loss can be brought about by several factors. It might be some internal causes like nutritional deficiency. Ensure you take in a good quantity of fresh vegetables, whole grains, fats and fruits. Whole foods contain minerals, vitamins and other important fatty acids that enhance effective hair growth. You should also ensure you drink enough water.

Before you seek help for hair breakage after bettering your diet, check out on some other external factors. External factors are usually the major causes of hair breakage and loss. Chemical treatments like relaxers and perms are wonderful. If used improperly however, these can cause severe hair breakage. When the products are used in excess or too frequently, they weaken your hair strands and cause it to break.

Excessive exposure to heat along with other harsh chemicals can result in bad hair breakage. Curling irons, hot-air blow dryers and other heat style tools can also lead to hair breakage and loss.

How to fix hair breakage

  • Hair is said to be weakest when wet. In this state, it is always prone to breakage. Whatever you do, avoid brushing it while still wet. Brush your hair when it is half dry or if you must brush it when wet, choose a comb with a conditioner applied. You can order for quality conditioners from outstanding shops online. You should also trim your hair preferably after two to three months. This helps you do away with any split ends which are hair breakage forms too.
  • Use vitamin E for hair breakage. Vitamin C is also effective and if you take the two, you effectively curb hair breakage vitamin deficiency. There are hair products rich in these vitamins which can be bought. It is important however to check for a review of the same before you buy any.
  • Before you order any harsh chemicals to use on your hair, you need to get informed about them. Again, it is important you read a review or two about these products. Understand how frequently they can be used on your hair. It is possible to get hair breakage after coloring, simply because of the chemicals present in the hair color.


We live in the most explosive era of our time, in which suitable opening that can improve our lives, are constantly being made.

Over 80% of the world's medical breakthroughs were made in a short period of the last two decades. Often, discoveries in one area, if seen, can be used brilliantly in the other. So is the discovery, applied for a new hair care products, stimulating their natural growth.

To understand how to operate the means of hair care products, you need to understand the problem as a whole. Until recently it was believed that hair loss - hereditary factor: hair follicles are dying and nothing can restore them. Two recent studies have shown that it is not so!

Studies laboratory in Italy and the University of Helsinki in Finland prove conclusively that the hair bulb is almost never dies, and in most cases, people may again naturally regrow hair without the use of drugs and stimulants. When a man is bald, the hair bulb as it empties into hibernation. It can be compared with seeds in a hot desert, when the rain comes down, the seeds germinate.

In Helsinki University studied a large number of substances to determine their influence to stop the progression of skin cancer on his head bald men, who have received excessive ultraviolet radiation.

The researchers used a single substance, hoping that under certain circumstances, it normalizes the cell. They have not achieved the desired result, but in most cases these men re-grew hair. This surprised scientists, and they made a 10-month study to develop tools for hair growth.

The main reasons that cause hair loss are stress, rapid weight loss, surgery, trauma, childbirth, and heredity. Male pattern baldness has a genetic predisposition is mainly transmitted through the maternal line and is manifested in the fact that some men have produced an excessive amount of male hormone - testosterone, which starts to be produced during puberty.

This often creates a prerequisite for hair loss. This substance affects the secretion of sebaceous glands, which are thin, clean oil. The sebaceous glands attached to hair follicle original tube, and the secret is in normal conditions it is easy to move up the tube, bypassing the bulb to the surface of the scalp, where it lubricates and protects the skin and hair.

Under the influence of the secret agents of NTDs obtained with a thick, waxy and has a high acid exposure. This abnormal secretion (sebum) forms a plug which blocks the hair follicle and prevents its normal functioning. NTD blocks the receptors that provide the mechanism of reproduction hair.

Soon the whole bag does not have long hair. The hair is separated and falls, and the new does not appear. As a result, hair thinning and receding hair line appear.

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