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The keratin hair treatment or keratin smoothing treatment are a semi-permanent hair straightening treatment that smoothes and adds shine to frizzy hair. Results of a keratin hair treatment at home or at a salon with a hairstylist can last up to six months.
So, What is keratin treatment?
There are many different versions of keratin treatment for hair that go by different names (Brazilian Blowout, Purc, Cezanne, Goldwell Kerasilk, etc.) and your hairstylist can customize a blend of the formula to suit your needs. Some keratin treatment release formaldehyde when heated (more on that later), but many newer versions, like formulated by Hairinque and Purc Keratin, keratin treatment, are formaldehyde-free. No matter the formaldehyde content, on a basic level, keratin treatments dive into the hair follicle and inject porous areas with keratin, an essential hair protein. Your hair will appear healthier, because it actually is.
Best Keratin Hair Treatment
Can You Walk Me Through The Keratin Step-by-step Process?
The length of time it takes to do a keratin treatment depends on the keratin formula used, as well as your hair texture, and how much hair you have. Expect to last anywhere from two to three hours. When you starts, you will have first to wash your hair. Then, the keratin treatment will be applied to your wet hair and let the formula saturate each strand for about half an hour, or the hairstylist will blow-dry your hair first and then apply the treatment — again, it all depends on your hairstylist and your hair needs. Finally, your hairstylist/applicator goes over any coarse strands with a flat iron on low to medium heat depending where the treatment needs to be sealed in, and then you’re done! The full keratin application process step by step is described here

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Pure Keratin Treatment At Home

الشامبو الجاف وألواح البلسم

الشامبو الجاف وألواح البلسم

MSRP: £10.71

الشامبو الجاف وألواح البلسم تعتبر هذه الألواح أقراصًا مركزة من البلسم يمكنها تدوم بمقدار زجاجتين أو…

مجموعة علاج نمو الشعر


MSRP: £53.59
Was: £42.87
Now: £28.58

مجموعة علاج نمو الشعر مجموعة علاج نمو الشعر المثالية لمدة أربعة أسابيع: #1 البخاخ المركز المضاد لتس…

علاج الكيراتين


Was: £35.73
Now: £32.15

(300ml) علاج الكيراتين يمنح علاج الكيراتين حيويةً ولمعانًا طبيعيا للشعر الجاف والباهت لتحصل عل…

علاج الكيراتين


MSRP: £92.20
Was: £107.20
Now: £71.46

علاج الكيراتين (1000ml) يمنح علاج الكيراتين حيويةً ولمعانًا طبيعيا للشعر الجاف والباهت لتحصل على قو…

زيت أرجان للشعر

زيت أرجان للشعر

£12.86 - £35.73

زيت أرجان للشعر يستخدم زيت أرجان (المستخرج من أشجار أرجان في المغرب) لعلاج الشعر والجلد والأظافر. ي…

Can I Do A Keratin Treatment At Home?
Yes! You’ll first need to buy the right products (Here a Keratin calculator). Many treatments contain the word “keratin,” but that doesn’t automatically make them “keratin treatments.” At, our treatment contains a high level of keratin cosmetic grade. All hair is made up of “keratin proteins,” so keratin-named products aren’t rare. To get the best experience at home, look for Professional products only – PURE KERATIN is a professional line of keratin products. A lot of smoothing treatments are actually intense silicone and conditioning treatments.
After that, look at the instructions. Do they provide extensive instructions on how to wash, dry, and straighten your hair, like PURE KERATIN does? If not, you probably have a standard conditioning product, and not a keratin treatment.
Best Salon & Professional Keratin Hair Treatment
How to Take Care of Your Hair After a Keratin Treatment?
Once you’ve had a Pure Keratin treatment done. You need to take special care of your hair in order to make sure that the treatment will last as long as possible. Keratin Treatments wash away gradually over a period of time, but with proper care, your keratin-treated hair will last up to 3-4 months
Keratin is formed from amino acids and, depending on their characteristics, keratin is either rigid or flexible. For example, in the case of hair, keratin is flexible and the keratin found in an animal's horn is hard.
Keratin is delicate, which is why most of the time we encounter keratin, it is dead. For example, if we think of a nail, we need to know that the outer part of it, which we can touch, is formed by the keratin protein already dead. These dead cells serve to protect the live keratin that is underneath and pushes from there when it grows.
Keratinocytes shed thousands of our skin daily and our bodies in general.
When the keratin is regenerating and pushing up the older ones, the cells come off and with them the keratinocytes. Some diseases make this rhythm of the process inappropriate, such as psoriasis, which makes the cycle faster.One way to protect our body's keratin is to eat food, such as gelatin, which helps to maintain it. In general, keratin is presented in the human body in a fragile and dry form, which causes it to come off. Since shedding is a natural part of the process, we must try to ensure that the keratin is as thick as possible, so that the outer layers protect the inner layers. When we moisturize hair, nails or skin, we are helping to strengthen and maintain our keratin.In the case of hair, in addition to being able to moisturize with softening creams, there is also the possibility of making a keratin hair treatment as could be the Japanese straightening or nanokeratin.
Keratin Properties
One of the most interesting characteristics of keratin is that it is very difficult to dissolve. The cause of not being easily dissolved is that it contains an element called cysteine ​​sulfide. This component creates bridges in the form of quotes that are extremely strong. Sulfur atoms are also involved in the formation of these quotes, which help to make keratin difficult to dissolve.

Depending on how much disulfide and sulfur the keratin has, it will be more or less strong, that is, it will be more or less rigid. For example, in the case of animal horns, teeth or in the hooves of horses, the amount of cysteine ​​disulfide is high. In the case of hair it is low, and in the case of nails, it is medium. If you've ever had the bad experience of burning your hair, you've probably discovered that it has a very strong smell, which is precisely because of this sulfide.
When it comes to keratin, the harder, the better. Its protective qualities improve the stronger it is, both inside and out. Keratin gives hair what is missing and what has been lost over the years. Do you have dull, dry and damaged hair ? Is it curly, wavy, too bulky or difficult to handle?
The application of the keratin treatment puts an end to all this, since it gives a great amount of vitality and renews it inside and outside. With the application of keratin on your hair you will have shiny and healthy hair. Keratin protein repairs hair from the inside, strengthening it, giving it body and life. As a result, the hair becomes easier to dominate and it appears that on certain occasions, depending on the curl, it is straightened. However, with keratin it is not possible to obtain results similar to those obtained with techniques such as Brazilian straightening.
The keratin works as follows:The small keratin molecules penetrate the capillary cortex and improve the repair of hair quality from the inside. It obtains greater resistance, elasticity, and when there is moisture it produces a smooth, soft and shiny effect. Environmental factors, such as the sun's rays, pollution and smoke affect your hair on the outside, keratin helps you to recover.
Keratin treatment provides you with a revolutionary straightening. It is a method that softens, softens and straightens hair. It does not require any strong chemical, but it uses a solution that contains natural keratin to work the hair cuticles and carefully take their place inside your hair.
Types Of Straightening
One of the advantages of keratin is the number of types of hair straightening that can be achieved with it. The choice of a type of keratin or another can give different results from straightening, from a definitive straightening to one that lasts only a few months.
At the same time, the type of hair and the technique used, also affect the duration of a permanent straightening. Find out which one is best for you.
The most popular straighteners are Japanese straighteners and Brazilian straighteners , which can also be done at home.
Japanese hair straightening
The Japanese Straightening, also known as thermal straightening , obtains straight hair, but at the same time shiny and silky. Reduces frizz and is especially suitable for people with unruly curls who do not allow themselves to be smoothed with the board. For example, it is the case of tight curls. The Japanese straightening process requires several hours in which various heat processes are carried out, as well as chemical processes. It is one of the hair straighteners preferred by women because it does not damage the hair, and does not leave it dry or damaged. A variant of Japanese straightening is the bio ionic straightening, which comes from Los Angeles and is reversible.
Brazilian straightening
Brazilian straightening is one of the most widely practiced today because it offers a more natural straightening. Its price, like all keratin treatments, varies according to the length of the hair, but generally vary between 200 and 300 €. It only requires applying a few small tips after application, such as, for example, avoid wetting your hair in 2-4 days after treatment.
DIY Brazilian Straightening
The “homemade” DIY Brazilian hair straightening is a cheaper option for all those people who do not want to bear the cost of it. Among the main characteristics of all these types of treatment we emphasize the possibility of obtaining a permanent straightening which can last up to 4 months, depending on the type of keratin used and the hair.

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