KERATIN TREATMENT on 22nd Mar 2021


Hair straightening with keratin is a procedure that you can do at home.

It helps to make them straight, has a healing effect on them, and also restores the original structure of hair that was previously too damaged.

Today, having done keratin restoration, you can easily achieve the effect of smooth hair. For example, excessively wavy curls can be made straight in a not very long period of time, and those hairs that are slightly fluffy can also be straightened without much effort.

Such an effective procedure has become an excellent alternative to replacing the hair ironing procedure.

There are a lot of advantages to this method. For starters, this procedure perfectly combines healing and aesthetic effects. After all, the keratin used in this method perfectly restores the structure of the hair that is damaged.

At the same time, it fills all the voids in the hair and forms a layer that protects the hair surface. In addition, keratin hair straightening can always protect your hair from the bad influence of the environment or hair cosmetics.

Very often this method is called Brazilian hair straightening. The thing is that Brazilian women often have very thick and heavy hair with a very thick structure. They straighten very badly.

Although this method, judging by the numerous reviews of the representatives of this country, gives tremendous positive results.

How does this procedure take place and what is its effectiveness?

Hair care begins first of all with the choice of a suitable composition according your hair type ( check the keratin calculator). After the choice is made, you begin to apply it to the hair surface. It should be remembered that the hair before such a procedure must be washed in advance.

After about a quarter of an hour, all hair is dried by a straightener using a regular hair dryer. Next, you begin to straighten hair using a special iron. This is done so that the keratin in the straightening mixture is embedded with greater density into the hair structure.

Of course, hair keratinization has its drawbacks. Rather, one. The fact is that such a procedure is not always convenient, since after it the hair is not recommended not only to wash it with shampoo, but also to make hairstyles out of it with hairpins for three days. This is fraught with the appearance of creases.

Therefore, the best day for this method will be Thursday, that is, the middle of the week when you will be spending the weekend at home.


Do you have unruly or curly hair? Do you want them to be straight and smooth? Then keratin restoration hair straightening is exactly what you need.

This procedure is carried out using a composition that contains derivatives of ammonium, Their action is based on the fact that they penetrate into the very structure of the hair shaft and make the hair softer. After this keratin treatment, your hair will become very smooth and silky to the touch.

In general, before starting keratin straightening in thoroughly rinses your hair using shampoo for deep cleansing. This procedure helps to reveal hair scales. And this naturally promotes good penetration of keratin into the depth of the shaft.

After that, the hair is dried with a regular towel and combed thoroughly. Further, you begin to apply the composition itself directly to the hair. You must take into account both the length and their density. The thicker and longer the hair, the correspondingly longer it will take to spread the whole mixture. But usually this procedure is performed within 10 or 20 minutes. The next step is always drying the hair. Then you should take each strand of the hair and dry it one at a time. This is done so that the keratin in the liquid state is better sealed in the hair and the hair scales are closed. Further, the entire surface is processed using a special tool - ironing. The mixture that remains on the hair and becomes superfluous is washed off with warm water.


The most noticeable benefits of keratin hair straightening include.

1. Keratin is a natural substance, so it has an absolutely beneficial effect on the hair, saturating it and preventing the appearance of problems. In addition, already damaged hair, when exposed to keratin, begins to recover, returning its former beauty and health.

2. It will be possible to make a gorgeous styling within a few minutes. With keratin straightening, the hair becomes soft and manageable, and therefore it takes only a few moments to create a creative hairstyle. By the way, the hairstyle will last for a long time, regardless of weather conditions and temperature conditions.

3. The procedure is suitable for all types of hair, including colored and highlighted. At the same time, keratin will only help your hair recover faster from the stress caused by the intervention of potent dyes.

4. The effect of the procedure is multiplied, that is, with each procedure, the hair will become stronger and healthier.

5. The keratin mixture contains components that protect hair from high temperatures, so the hair will not fade in the sun. In addition, there are no aggressive chemical compounds in the mixture that will negatively affect the hair structure.