Why Your Hair Needs These Practices to Stay Healthy

Most people love and pamper the skin on their bodies and forget to do the same for their hair. A healthy scalp and hair speaks volumes about your personality. It is part of good grooming and adds in to your general physical appearance.

While some people tend to favor short haircuts which don't need much maintaining, those who fall into the bracket that enjoy having longer, fuller hair need to make regular sacrifices to ensure that their hair and scalp remain healthy always.

For the sake of your scalp and hair, we have compiled a to do list that will help you achieve a healthy scalp and hair. Regular incorporation of these practices into your day to day hair care routine will work miracles. Try them out and enjoy the numerous benefits of having a healthy scalp/hair.

Some ways to keep your scalp and hair clean are highlighted below:

1) Understand that hair is made of living cells

Like nails, the exposed part of hair maybe defined as inactive hair cells while its roots are very active and alive. The living cells that make up the hair follicles are proteins which depend on regular amino acids nourishment from the body to stay alive.

Use proper ways take care of your scalp and the unseen hair cells if you wish to enjoy longer, fuller and healthy hair.

2) A Healthy Body = Healthy Hair

What we eat plays a vital role in the body's performance. Natural foods are the best when it comes to maintaining a healthy body.

Synthesized or processed foods add in chemical components such as preservatives, food flavors and colors that are harmful to our body cells. For healthy hair, ensure that you eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and avoid exposing your body to harmful toxins.

3) More Protein More Hair

Eat a healthy dose of protein in your meals for healthy hair. Milk, meat (red and white), milk products, soya and nuts are some readily available protein foods. Natural protein supplements boost the production of melanin and other amino acids which are essential for the growth and maintenance of healthy hair.

4) Always Try to Live a Stress Free Life

Stress in your life may result to an imbalance of Qi and once it is imbalanced sicknesses and conditions such as hair loss come in. Avoid stress at every cost and should it come into your life due to unavoidable circumstances try and manage it using positive ways.

5) Avoid Using Products with High Chemical Content

Hair pomades, tonics and relaxers are good products for your, they help in water and color retainment and make its texture manageable during styling.

While it is almost impossible to avoid the use of these products on your hair, we advise that you best try to use them in their natural form. Buy them from manufacturers who make them out of natural ingredients.

The lesser the chemical component in these products the better for your hair and scalp health. Don't use hair loss treatments that contain drugs like minoxidil or finasteride, instead try and use a natural hair growth spray such as Natural Regain.

6) Always Keep Your Hair and Scalp Clean

A clean scalp is next to achieving healthy hair naturally. Being clean helps reduce the risk of contracting harmful bacteria and conditions such as dandruff, ringworm and lice.

Dirty hair and scalp tends to smell awful due to the constant mixture of sweat and dirt, having it clean increases your aesthetic value and self-esteem and you can boldly step out into the public.

7) Exfoliate your scalp to remove dead skin cells

Just as the skin needs to be exfoliated regularly to remove any resistive dead cells which may block the pores and affect their production, the hair and scalp too needs to be exfoliated. For this therapy, you can use a home made exfoliator.

Add in a few spoons of sugar into your shampoo and scrub it into the hair and scalp vigorously for a few minutes. Wash off and continue with your cleansing routine.

8) Use a mild shampoo and conditioner to wash and rinse hair

Shampoos and conditioners contain the best formulation for cleansing our hair rather than regular soaps.

Shampooing your hair at least once every week or once every two weeks depending on your exposure to its dirtying agents is a good way of maintaining it and ensuring that the scalp pores are rid of any dirt which may hinder it from breathing and rejuvenating naturally.

9) Avoid hair styles that are hard on your scalp and hair, too much heat is destructive

Your hair may look like the toughest part of your body but you will be surprised to know that it is equally sensitive.

Hairstyles that tend to put pressure on the scalp and hair follicles are not good for its health, these styles make it weak from beneath that's why hair tends to fall off during its premature stages of growth.

These styles also introduce split ends that discourage its continued growth. Trimming it may help solve the issue however its always wise to address the problem from whence it begun. Heat in moderate proportions is good for the scalp since it helps sooth and relax its muscles. Too much of it can be destructive owing to the fact that hair is an organ made of protein compounds.

When these compounds are exposed to too much heat, they tend to burn and disintegrate. Heating your hair to the point where it is destroyed through burning affects its strength and flair.

10) Drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices

Water is an essential component in the body. In adult male bodies, water makes up 60% while in women it is 55%. This slight difference is due to the rate of metabolism in each sexes.

Men are believed to be more active than women. Water, facilitates the transportation of tissue and blood phlegm which is known for its nutrient rich properties.

It is also crucial for various cellular, tissue and organ functions such as metabolism and the transportation of CO2 from the lungs and other areas of the body.

On the skin, water is used to cool the body in form of sweat. Making up such a huge % in our bodies, it's no lie that water does affect the performance of organs such as hair.

Drinking plenty of water gives your body the fluid capacity it requires to facilitate nutrient rich properties such as blood and phlegm to the body.

On the other hand, natural fruit juices bring in components that are not usually found in the daily balanced diet intake of starch and proteins. These juices are rich in water soluble and sometimes fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, K and Vitamin E respectively.

These vitamins introduce disease fighting compounds within the body to help boost its immunity, repair and maintain its cellular, tissue and organic functions.

11) Use natural Remedies for your hair loss

It is always wise to use a natural repair therapy for your damaged hair rather than a synthetic one. Hair treatments and masks are a way of protecting your hair from agents such as UV sunlight, too much cold and dust.

While we have approved the use of hair treatments and masks we also advice strongly on the use of these products in their natural form. You can always make a good DIY hair mask from things that are readily available in the home such as eggs, avocados and honey.

12) Understand your hair texture, color, volume and depth for a manageable hair therapy routine

While studying the elements of hair design, there are plenty of aspects to keep in mind. Hair may look like an ordinary asset on your body but you'd be shocked to know that each person's hair is unique in many ways.

One unique way and of most importance is the DNA composition responsible for a person's hair texture, volume, color and depth.

Hair designers use these 4 aspects in creating trendy hairstyles and haircuts. These aspects can also be applied in your regular hair maintenance routine.

Use styling products and techniques that are generous to your hair texture and will not harm its color, volume and depth in any way. Again, healthy hair vibrates in its original color. There are many natural hair color shades so if you intend to have your hair in its natural color rather than dying or coloring it, then you must use hair maintenance techniques that will give your hair a natural glow whilst maintaining its natural color.