Posted by PURE KERATIN on 10th Jul 2018

These days, hair can be fixed and managed in so many ways. Hair can be treated with dyes, or be made to undergo bleaching. It can also be permed or straightened. Hair is oftentimes blow-dried and fixed into desired styles to make it both manageable and presentable. A beautifully styled coiffure has become almost like a part of a woman’s daily outfit for her to be accepted in the social circles. These processes, however, usually take their toll on hair, which eventually weakens and damaged. When this happens, hair becomes less lustrous and styling it becomes more difficult. To address this, hair products such as creams and oils have been formulated specifically for home use. These products, however, do not work all the time for some women, and yet they could not do away with hair styling. This group of women will benefit from keratin hair treatment.

The hair and nails are made up of a substance called keratin. When hair undergoes non-stop blow-drying, styling, and chemical treatment, the keratin component is altered and the overall appearance and quality of hair deteriorate. When one looks closely, he will find that the hair shafts split up, accounting for the dull appearance. Recently, a product that is made from materials like wool has been developed by scientists. It is keratin extract, which is transformed into a form that acts like some sort of liquid hair. When applied on hair, keratin is taken up by the hair shaft, regaining the hair’s luster and texture. This product also makes curls and frizzes a lot easier to handle whenever the hair is undergoing straightening treatment. This keratin product has protective characteristics. It helps the hair withstand the harmful effects of the sun, wind, humidity, and other environmental elements.

One will find some hair treatment centers that offer keratin treatment. Originally from Brazil, keratin treatment has been adapted in various salons and modified according to the locals’ needs. A single round of treatment usually lasts for two hours, and may seem to be a little pricey at two hundred dollars. The effects of the treatment, however, are well worth the price, since the hair is kept beautiful and soft for about twelve to sixteen weeks.

A lot of patrons who have gone through keratin treatment attest to the fact that their hair became softer and more lustrous. It has been found that keratin has a particular affinity to weak hair shafts, thus it is very effective for dry, damaged, or color-treated hair. Keratin treatment also saves blow-drying time, since hair dries up still looking nice and shiny. In fact, one can choose to do away with blow-drying, which will definitely benefit busy, on-the-go women.

There are two ways to avail of keratin treatment:

1.One may check out the availability of keratin treatment services in reliable beauty centers.

2.Otherwise, there are keratin treatment kits that can be purchased so that women can perform the treatment on their own in the comfort of their homes. Anyone can perform keratin treatment, and it is never too late to do so. The benefits that one can gain from the process, such as getting softer, more gleaming and less brittle hair, are lasting, thus essentially helping the user save time and money.

Nowadays, salons and beauty centers offer numerous treatments for hair. Perming, application of highlights, coloring, and relaxing treatments are just some of the hair services that are currently available. It is likely that some women have tried a couple of these treatments, and it will not even come as a surprise if there are a number of women who tried them all. The presence of chemical components appears to be the common denominator for all of these treatment modes. While chemical-based treatments work, they eventually damage and weaken the hair with prolonged and frequent use. Women can always choose more natural treatment for their hair.

A natural, keratin-based hair straightening treatment technique that has been developed recently is the PURE KERATIN . As mentioned earlier in the article, keratin is a substance that can be found in skin, hair, nails, and teeth, giving them their unique resilient qualities. Keratin is the very substance that renders the hair soft and resilient to the elements. With this type of treatment, hair has radically improved for most. Hair that has been severely damaged by chemicals can be made shiny and soft using Pure Keratin hair treatment.

With the Pure Keratin, hair will stay straight for about three to five months. After that time, hair reverts back to its usual appearance, albeit undamaged. One will have to spend about $35 to $99 on this treatment method exclusive of the saline-free shampoo which should be used to wash the hair after treatment. The price will vary according to hair length and treatments type. The shampoo, on the other hand, can be bought in a bottle at $15. The actual treatment process requires approximately ½ to 1 hour to complete.

The kind of straightening that Pure Keratin treatment effects is not the stiff type of straightness that is associated with Japanese straightening treatment and thermal reconditioning methods. Pure Keratin treatment produces a softer, more buoyant straight hair with a hint of wave. Initially, within three days post treatment, hair may seem flat. Within this time frame, hair must not be washed nor be made damped. Tying the hair and putting the hair behind the ears are a no-no as these actions will affect the appearance of hair. If these instructions are observed, the results that will be seen after are amazing.

Hair that has been treated using the “Pure” method is low-maintenance. It can be blow-dried as usual or left to dry naturally, which is definitely good for busy women who cannot be bothered by prolonged periods that are usually spent on styling the hair or visiting the salon. The Pure Keratin Hair straightening treatment is a natural treatment method that makes hair a lot more beautiful, softer, and manageable without subjecting it to unnecessary exposure to chemicals.