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Summer is here and there is nothing better to combat the heat than a stylish haircut.

We know that new hairstyles should have movement, texture and a messy touch. To achieve this effect, the parsed and scaled cuts are ideal. In addition, they provide the necessary volume to the hair.

The very long manes are totally banished, it is better to bet on a midi maxi mane with cuts with straight and pure bases, and long layers with a slight forward fillet.

The fashion haircut for this summer 2017 is the midi cut or long bob, which is a relief for the girls who like the comfort and to wear a hair with little maintenance.

But if you find it difficult to get rid of your long hair, do not despair, because there are also options to continue carrying it.


If you want to change the look of your mane and give yourself a cut, bet on the French mane or carré with or without bangs. A more symmetrical version of the bob, almost in a single layer and generally at the height of the jaw.

It's a classic cut back to stay. Before many muses have dared to wear it because it is comfortable to keep, very feminine cool summer face and much more versatile

The disadvantage of this haircut, is that it is not for all types of face. If your face is very round, it is better to opt for a cut more lax or irregular bangs, because the rectum will accentuate your cheeks too much.

Celebrities that use this haircut are Emma Watson, Dakota Johnson, Taylor Swift.


This is a shorter Bob type and is the new haircut of the celebrities.

It is also known as Waby Bob, it remains to the 20s and allows you to wear the slightly disheveled tufts without looking misaligned.

The length on the front is larger than back, and can be worn with light waves or curls. If you are going to opt for either style, remember that ideally they do not look very marked, as it is a relaxed cut in which you should not try.

It is a cut that never exceeds the height of the shoulders, and in addition behind it admits variations, how to shorten it just below the birth of the hair, to give it an asymmetric and very fresh appearance.

One of the conditions to get the perfect 'Wavy Bob' is to keep the stripe always lateral, to create an asymmetrical look. The side of the line will depend on the physiognomy of the face or if one wants to disguise some imperfection.

Also the tips acquire a great protagonism and weight in this hairstyle, to the detriment of the roots.

To create the correct texture that gets the waves to have a natural movement, it can be achieved by applying a nut of foam in wet hair, and then combing it with a comb with wide spikes to distribute the product. Then dry the hair with the diffuser and head down. Finally, apply a jet of cold air to fix the waves.

The end result is a fresh look, with movement that brings that casual touch. At the same time is elegant to all styles and favors any type of face.

Celebrities that use this haircut are Sienna Miller, Anna Hathaway, Marion Cotillard.


The cut consists of a light and shredded fringe that frames the face, and accentuates cheekbones and chin. It provides a movement effect and a casual look.

It is highly flattering for all types of faces since the layers surround our face and these can be adapted according to our physiognomy.

The hair is characterized by soft waves and a fringe at the level of the eyebrows that you can comb with the hand and open it to the sides. The fringe is essential, with a scruffy, youthful and natural touch. If it was not worn it would not be a Swag cut. If you do not have enough volume to wear it you can resort to a natural hair straightener.

Forget long hours with the dryer and thousands of products to mold, as this cut only needs a bit of mousse to activate the waves and thus, to look a natural effect, which is the key piece of this haircut.

That is why this cut is ideal for those who have natural waves in the hair.

Celebrities that use this haircut are Felicity Jones, Jennifer Garner, Alexa Chung.


The Bob cut is a straight cut that extends to the jaw height, usually with bangs. It is also called "¾" because it represents three quarters of what is considered a long hairstyle.

If you're tired of wearing your hair too long, but do not want to risk a super short style, this is the best alternative you have.

The classic Bob is renewed with a length to the shoulders, much volume and light layers. This is a cut that fits all, especially if you have a very square or round face, because it softens the factions very much.

Celebrities that use this haircut are Jessica Alba, Bella Hadid, Heidi Klum.

Have you chose your summer haircut ?

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