Posted by PURE KERATIN on 7th Jan 2019

1- Start a healthier life.

One of the most common steps when starting a new year is weight loss, which seems easy to think, but at the time of making it a bit lazy. Do not limit yourself to meals or over-ordering from the first of January in the gym. Choose to start a physical activity little by little and change your diet to a healthier one. The changes can be long-lasting.

2- Establish real goals and objectives.

This is a challenge itself, but it also applies to others. It's great to think big, but do not exaggerate either, since not being able to make something concrete is common to be disappointed. Do everything with much desire, study, work, relationships, but do not overproduce, you could end up stressed and tired. Set real goals to get good results.

3- Do not complicate yourself.

Sometimes things do not go the way you would like, but it does not mean you have to get angry or feel bad. If you feel stress, everything bothers you or you get very involved with small things, start some relaxing activity that allows you to find yourself, like yoga, some sport, martial art or reading.

4- Do not be disappointed.

Remember that every attempt is an achievement and if you can not lose those kilos you want or achieve those 10 in school or university does not mean you did not achieve anything. Face the world with your best face and you will get fabulous results, sometimes they are not ideals, but if you do things well you will get your reward.

5- Exercise your mind. 

It is important to have a healthy body, but many times what overvalues and reality is what is not healthy is your mind. If you have a monotonous job, do not worry anymore, do not worry, do not worry. Start reading a book per month if you do not read, listen to new music, play chess, perform crosswords, puzzles, develop deep and interesting talks with your friends and your mind to activate or deactivate.

6- Stop smoking.

Tobacco is one of the most common addictions and although you can buy cigarettes anywhere is no less harmful than other drugs, you know the evil it causes. Try to leave it, it can be suddenly or gradually, ask your friends and family for help to accompany you. Accompany this challenge with a healthier life and you will see how your body feels better.

7- Learn something new.

Sometimes you focus so much on the routine that you forget that there is always something new to learn. Maybe it's something that you owe since you were little or something you saw somewhere or recommended a friend and you were interested. It's never too late to start a new activity, be it a sport, a course or a career. Take advantage of your opportunities and potential, you could give an unexpected turn to your life,

8- Recover and reinforce ties.

Time or some situations in life make you lose some ties, both with family and friends. That generates a vacuum that you usually cover and sadness. Give an opportunity to that person with whom you fought and take advantage to reinforce and maintain the ties you already have. Loneliness is not bad, but it is always good to have someone to tell, laugh and live.

9- Save money.

This can be the most difficult challenge if you are not a thrifty person. Saving money can help you travel (next goal) to that place you always wanted to know, buy something you want and also gifts for those you love the most. Each month you can save a little money and at the end of the year you can give yourself a gift. First of all because it's something you want and secondly because it's what you worked for all year.

10- Travel.

Traveling teaches you new cultures, different ways of living. It broadens your soul and shows you what you can have in common with people from other places. We are beings that since the beginning of time we have been eager to discover, to learn and to achieve. Traveling you overcome your limits and set new goals. You know yourself, you discover what you feel and what you think, you realize your dreams and you reflect on your future and past. It teaches you that you are your own companion and that the silences are not uncomfortable, as they had taught you. While traveling you feel the pirate you thought you were when you were little or an explorer about to find the greatest treasure. Traveling takes you away from the routine of everyday life and makes you long for what you hate to do every day, when you return everything is different but it remains the same as you left it.

Travel anywhere, no matter the kilometers but what you feel every time you embark on a new adventure.

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